Orange County hospitals monitoring spread of COVID-19 as businesses reopen

Orange County hospitals monitoring spread of COVID-19 as businesses reopen
( News Staff)

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — As Central Florida finishes its third week of many places being back in business, health officials are working behind the scenes to measure the impact of COVID-19.

Hospital leaders for AdventHealth and Orlando Health are working together to monitor the spread of the virus.

“[We’re] Looking for any signs of a second wave or an increase due to our opening. We haven’t seen that yet,” said Dr. Scott Brady, of AdventHealth.

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Officials said they have not seen a decrease either.

AdventHealth said it reached its peak with the most patients in one day about five weeks ago.

On April 16, officials said they had 120 people in the hospital with COVID-19.

"For the past three weeks, we've had flat numbers around 50, 68, 52. So, what that shows you is that we're at about 50% peak,” Brady said.

The same has happened at Orlando Health.

"We were seeing around 10 to eight patients really flat across our entire system for probably around two weeks. In the last two days, we’re down to five patients,” said Dr. George Ralls, with Orlando Health.

After weeks of only single-digit increases, Orange County saw a spike a week ago.

Last Friday, there were 42 new cases, but the health department blamed it on late lab reporting.

Health officials said the positivity rate has decreased since businesses have reopened.

“The number of patients in the hospital with COVID-19 is a very sensitive indicator that really washes out any uncertainty you might have with community testing,” Ralls said.