• Orange County neighborhood holds vigil to remember elderly woman murdered in home


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Residents of an Orange County neighborhood gathered to remember an elderly woman murdered in her home.

    They said they plan to take a stand against the killer.

    Neighbors came together to remember Elena Ortega who was found murdered in her home last week.

    Residents held a candlelight vigil to remember the 83-year-old woman just before the sun set Friday.

    The great-grandmother was murdered last week and her home set on fire to cover it up.

    Some who had never even met Ortega came to show respect.

    "I just couldn't imagine who would do something like that," resident Maisie Watts said.

    So far no arrests have been made but two suspects are in custody for separate crimes and are being questioned by detectives.

    Juan Rosario and Sean Quinn were recently arrested for violent crimes on the same street.

    The Sheriff's Office won't confirm or deny those are their people of interest.

    Either way, the community is sending a message Friday.

    "This was a senseless murder, and the bottom line is this neighborhood has gotten out of control and it's time for us to take it back," Watts said.

    "We need to come together, that never should have happened," resident Carlos Urena said.

    Residents said the violent crimes in the neighborhood have gone on too long and are often aimed at people who are the most defenseless.

    Many in the neighborhood said Ortega's murder was a turning point for the residents and that extra care should be taken for the elderly in the neighborhood.

    The wife of one of the possible people of interest, Juan Rosario, confirmed her husband is being questioned in connection to Ortega's murder.

    However, she said, "I know my husband is one of many things but he would never hurt that lady."

    Ortega's funeral is set for Saturday.

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