• Orange County residents demand action after receiving dirty, wet mail


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Residents in an east Orange County neighborhood said they’ve had their mail stolen, opened and even urinated on, and they said their mail carrier is responsible.

    Residents said they’ve gone to the U.S. post office in Waterford Lakes to complain, but so far the mailman is still in the job.

    “You’ll go out there when it’s pouring rain, and he just had the mail lined up on the sidewalk, just drowning in water,” said Katelyn Barnwell, a resident at the Waterford Landing condos on Alafaya Trail. “You have everyone in the neighborhood complaining, putting in written complaints, calling the post office.”

    But yet, residents said nothing has been done and the problems have continued for the last eight months.

    Channel 9’s Renee Stoll was shown boxes residents said were delivered damaged and opened.

    They also had pictures of the mail doors being left open and unlocked.

    Residents also said some of the mail delivered was wet and had a strong odor to it.

    “Mail is covered in urine from time to time,” Barnwell said.

    “It’s wet, pages are ripped,” said another resident, Richard Jackson.

    WFTV contacted the post officer to find out who the delivery man is, how many complaints he had, and why the problem was still going on.

    A spokesperson said, “Due to the active investigation, we are unable to provide specific information at this time."

    The spokesperson said the carrier is under investigation.

    Residents claim that isn’t true, and they’ve had issues as recent as Saturday.

    “Obviously their investigation isn’t working out too well,” Barnwell said.

    Residents said when the post office can afford to do so, another carrier will go out with the man to watch him, but that doesn’t happen often.

    They said he eventually gets shuffled around from zip code to zip code.

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    Orange County residents demand action after receiving dirty, wet mail