• Orange County sheriff wants $75,000 to help solve cold cases


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Orange County's sheriff is asking the mayor for $75,000 in an effort to help solve cold cases.

    On Thursday, investigators pleaded for the public's help to solve two cases from the 1970s and the deaths of two teenage girls, including Nancy Grace Daniel.

    But those same detectives don't have a centralized space at the Sheriff's Office to keep those cold case files.

    Daniel's family still has no idea how she ended up dead near an Orange County lake, and neither do detectives. What police do know is that they need the adequate space to work on cases so they can finally figure out what happened in Daniel's case and others like it.

    It was 1977 when the skeletal remains of Daniel and another teenager were found near Lake Mann, but for 37 years, their cases grew cold.

    "Having your only sister, and she gone from you for so long and no one knows where she at," said Daniel's brother, Willie Daniel.

    On Thursday, investigators said they believed the two cold cases were related, despite the bodies turning up nearly three months apart. They said DNA evidence helped them identify Daniel's remains but the other victim's name is still unknown.

    "It's more frustrating is what it is," said Detective Angelo Chiota. "You get so close, then you say 10 more questions come up."

    Also frustrating for the two detectives working nearly 300 other unresolved homicides is that the Sheriff's Office doesn't have a centralized location where those cases are kept.

    The files were being stored all over the place, which has prompted the sheriff to ask the county for $75,000 to create one space at headquarters to store all the files.

    "Now we can go back and categorize these and see which ones are workable," said Chiota.

    With the upgrade, detectives are confident they'll be able to solve more cases.

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    Orange County sheriff wants $75,000 to help solve cold cases