• Family outraged over teen's expulsion for having over-the-counter drugs on campus


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Channel 9 has learned an Orange County middle school student accused of carrying medication in her backpack on school property has been expelled.

    Jasmin Selby, 13, suffers from headaches and severe allergies and said she had medication in her backpack at Lee Middle School.

    "It's not something I take every day to school," she said. "It's simply something I had at my friend's house because she has animals."

    Selby was suspended and sent to alternative school. On Tuesday, Selby was expelled from Lee Middle School.

    “My reputation is completely done. I have the reputation of a drug dealer,” Selby said.

    Selby’s family is upset that the school board upheld her suspension at Tuesday night’s meeting.

    “Superintendent Jenkins, she had said the vast majority of students take their punishment and never show up to a school board meeting with a lawyer,” Bob Selby, Jasmine Selby’s father, said.

    School investigators said they found 57 pills mixed in one bottle, including Advil, Benadryl and Aleve in February.

    Even though they were over-the-counter medications, it was considered a violation of the district's code of conduct.

    Selby said she had no idea the over-the-counter meds were against school policy, but code shows possession of illicit or mood-altering drugs is a level 4 offense.

    School leaders don't comment on student disciplinary issues but told Channel 9 the number of pills found on a student at one time can result in a greater punishment like suspension and expulsion.

    The same punishment is typically recommended for possession of illegal drugs like marijuana and cocaine, Channel 9's learned.

    "She's expelled along with actual serious drug abusers or kids that are doing alcohol things like that has killed us," said Selby's father, Bob Selby.

    Selby's family has appealed her punishment to the highest level, the school board.

    "I think it's crazy," said Jasmin Selby. "It was bad timing and (I think) that it was very unfortunate for me."

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