• Orange County teachers want raises across the board, district doesn't


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Orange County teachers want their raises but they're at a standstill with the district on how much.

    The teacher's union and school board have agreed to a 4 percent raise.

    The district wants to pay between $570 to $1,300 per teacher based on their performance.

    Raises for 13,000 Orange County teachers are now on hold because the teacher's union and the school district can't agree on what raises teachers should receive.

    The teacher's union does not want performance-based pay.

    "This evaluation system was built on a one day test called the FCAT, most of the teachers, 70 percent of them do not teach the students that were actually tested," Orange County Classroom Teacher Association president Diana Moore said.

    The union wants every teacher regardless of their rank to get $1,500 and 4 percent raises across the board.

    This impasse means teachers may have to wait months before getting their raises, possibly as late as May.

    But the district's chief negotiator says the union did not make that a deal breaker until now.

    "My question for them is why were you supportive of it and then you dropped it on the last offer?" negotiator Scott Howat said.

    The district is predicting that 96 percent of its teachers will be rated effective or higher, and that would mean they'd at least get a $2,500 raise -- a raise they will have to wait on for now.

    The legislature secured $1,900 raises for teachers.

    Orange County's raises would start at more than $2,500 for effective teachers and $2,800 for highly effective teachers.

    Howat said the offer is larger than any other district they surveyed and almost $1,000 more than the raise being given in Seminole County.

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    Orange County teachers want raises across the board, district doesn't