Orange County to hand out Narcan in Holden Heights in effort to prevent heroin overdoses

Orange County leaders have announced a plan to hand out the drug that can reverse a heroin overdose.
Many law enforcement agencies across the nation have begun to use Narcan as a tool to help overdose victims.
The drug is now going to be given out to people living in an Orange County neighborhood where deputies said there has been a rash of overdoses.
On Orange Blossom Trail between Kaley and Americana avenues, Orange County deputies said they've responded to a rash of overdoes this year, many of which were in hotels near Holden Heights.
The are is responsible for the bulk of the more than 150 overdoses in 2018, including nine deaths.
“We need to be there when we need to be there, and we know right now that's a part of our community where there are way too many overdoses,” said Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs.
Starting Tuesday, the county is teaming up with Aspire Health partners for an emergency outreach effort, which includes handing out Narcan.
“We want to make sure we're doing everything we can. We know law enforcement is doing their part, but we need the citizens in these areas, the moms the dads, the brothers, sisters and friends, and those addicted, to know there are options,” Jacobs said.
9 Investigates found out most of the Narcan is being supplied by Aspire through a grant.
Making the overdose-blocking drug available to citizens is a move critics in other parts of the country have questioned, arguing it may enable addicts.
“I understand the argument, but I couldn't possibly disagree more,” Jacobs said. “If you ever talk to anyone who has lost a son or a daughter, or a mother or a father (about) what they would give to have that one last chance back.”
That first community meeting about the initiative is set for Tuesday morning at the Holden Heights Community Center.
Later this week, firefighters will go door to door with resources for people living in the neighborhood
Karla Ray

Karla Ray,

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