‘Sneakers That Fit’: Local program that aims to help children get shoes struggling due to pandemic

Video: ‘Sneakers That Fit’: Local program that aims to help children get shoes struggling due to pandemic

Some students in Orange and Seminole county schools are showing up to class without proper shoes.

The Congregation of Reform Judaism created a program called “Sneakers That Fit,” a way to help make sure children in their community get a decent pair of shoes but the pandemic is causing some roadblocks for the organization.

“These children were going to school without shoes and socks,” said Pamela Levin, chairperson of Sneakers That Fit.

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Some teachers who were teaching at Title I schools within Central Florida noticed there was a great need and that’s how Sneakers That Fit started. The goal was to collect information from the students.

“Whether it was male or female, what grade they were in and their shoe size,” Levin said.

The project solely relies on donations to help the children.

“There were some children that were coming to school, I was told in rain boots, with no socks because they had none. That was the only pair of shoes they had,” Levin said.

The program was already strapped with hardship, and the pandemic isn’t helping.

“This year we have parents that are out of work,” Levin said. “We have children who are not going to receive shoes because parents are just trying to put food on the table. Then, I had the challenge of trying to figure out how to navigate this, getting the information from the teachers and to the congregation.”

In years past, some families who wanted to donate could personally shop for a student but because of COVID-19, it can’t happen this year.

The program is hoping to raise $7,000, which will allow them to buy up to 350 pairs of shoes for children in Orange and Seminole counties.

Now, three Central Florida synagogues are teaming up to get the community involved.

Online and cash donations will be the only way to help meet the program’s goals this year.

If you would like to donate, here’s what you need to know:

To make a cash donation, send it to:

Sneakers That Fit

c/o CRJ

928 Malone Drive

Orlando, FL 32810

To donate online, click here.

The deadline to donate is Oct. 31.

Shoes will be distributed to the schools and New Hope before the Thanksgiving break.

If you have any questions, contact CRJ at 407-645-0444.