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'Y’all are like the Hatfields and McCoys’: Orlando City Council gets involved in property dispute after fence built through garage, pool

ORLANDO, Fla. — The physical fence put up through the middle of two Delaney Park properties, including through the garage and pool, could represent a line drawn in the sand by the property owners, because neither is backing down.

So the city of Orlando is getting involved.

“Y’all are like the Hatfields and McCoys here -- you’re never going to go agree,” Orlando City Councilwoman Patty Sheehan said during a meeting.

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Years ago, one person owned both properties but with two separate mortgages, and built a house in the middle.

When the properties went into foreclosure, the side with the home went to a bank, and the other side went back to the property’s original owner. And no one has lived in the home for six years.

“We’ve had to kick (out) vagrants, we’ve had to watch the property ... . So it’s taking our time, and it’s a constant effort to maintain that,” said neighbor Richard Sconyers.

Because city code wouldn’t allow the property owner of the smaller piece of land to build on it, he put up a fence right down the property line -- which included putting a fence right through the home’s garage and pool.

The smaller plot’s owner offered to pay $300,000 to buy the property with the home on it, and the bank offered to pay $40,000 to buy the 15-foot sliver of land with half its garage and pool.

But over the last eight months, neither owner agreed.

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On Monday, the City Council voted to allow the owner of the small property to build a home on it.

“It was a great outcome,” said Jeff Aaron with the GrayRobinson law firm. "We paid good money for a piece of land. And for four years, Deutsche Bank has held us hostage, unable to develop our land.

However, neighbors said they’re not happy with that outcome because it doesn’t fix the fence issue, or make anyone want to buy this home. They said they’re concerned that the home will become an eyesore and be there for years to come.

Adam Poulisse,

Adam Poulisse joined WFTV in November 2019.