• Orlando attorney John Morgan resumes fight for legalization of medical marijuana


    ORLANDO, Fla. - The Orlando attorney who spent millions of his own money in the effort to legalize medical marijuana in Florida is re-launching his effort.

    In November, Amendment 2 barely failed to get the 60 percent vote it needed to pass, but attorney John Morgan vowed he'd be back to fight for it.

    Morgan said when you play big,  you can lose big, and he lost big, but he said he learned from that experience and is ready to try again.

    Morgan said he made a lot of mistakes in the push for Amendment 2, and that his team is trying to fix those.

    He said the proposal is essentially the same but this time he's clarified certain language that he believes confused people or appeared to be loopholes.

    But he isn't waiting until 2016 to try to get the amendment pushed through.

    Morgan said he plans to put the measure together in time to present it to lawmakers during their next session, which starts in a couple of months, in an effort to push for it as a law.

    "There's a whole group of people who voted against it not because they were against medical marijuana but because they didn't think it had any place in the Florida Constitution, which I respect and agree with," said Morgan.

    If that doesn't work, Morgan said his team will go for the amendment again. He also said he thinks he targeted the wrong voters last time.

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