• Orlando bar owners concerned over counterfeit cash


    ORLANDO, Fla. - Bar owners in downtown Orlando told Channel 9's Roy Ramos that there is a lot of counterfeit money being traded, but it's not being discovered until they take their cash to the bank.
    "(I've) been in business for 30 years and this was a pretty good one. So it is difficult to know whether it is counterfeit or real," said David Siminou, owner of Elixer Restaurant and Bar.
    Siminou said he has seen a fair amount cash flow through his bar over the years, but he said that recently some of the bills he's been receiving are counterfeit.
    His business was one of several bars and restaurants in downtown that have fallen victim to the crime.
    "We found four $10 bills recently in the last drop," said Ivan Isolica, owner of the Downtown Pour House.
    While popular bars are losing money because of the fake bills – mostly $10s and $20s -- that are likely get past employees, customers too may find themselves coming up short
    "It affects not only the bar, but it affects the bartenders. Any time it gets passed back to a customer everyone feels the hit of a counterfeit bill," said Isolica.
    Secret Service agents told Ramos that counterfeit cash is a constant in the Orlando area. They said they have not seen and increase or decrease in the amount being passed around.
    Agents said anyone who encounters counterfeit cash should call local law enforcement officials.

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    Orlando bar owners concerned over counterfeit cash