• Orlando cop accused of beating up girlfriend will try to get out of jail


    ORLANDO, Fla. - An Orlando police officer accused of beating up his girlfriend will try for the third time to get out of the Orange County Jail on Monday.

    Danny Sidders was arrested on domestic violence charges, and last week, he was denied bail for a second time. Sidders was also charged with trying to hide a gun, which he was not suppose to have.

    The first judge to rule in the case, Judge Deb Blechman, said she was afraid for the safety of the victim.

    "Some of the guys who are in jail now for killings in the past few months, I remember, you know, they were standing right there.  I go, 'Oh is there something else I could have done?'  So, I'm sorry, but I'm just going to be careful," Blechman said.

    "I don't want to spend another night in jail," Sidders said.

    "I'm just trying to make sure you got a lawyer," said Blechman. "I'm also worried about your impulse control and that's dangerous because of your special skills."

    WFTV spoke with Orlando Police Chief Paul Rooney after Sidders' arrest and asked why the officer was still getting paid while behind bars.

    "Everyone is entitled due process and Officer Danny Sidders, like any other officer, is not only entitled due process through state statute bill of rights, but also by the Fraternal Order of Police contract," Rooney said.

    WFTV learned that Sidders has been investigated by the Internal Affairs Department seven times in five years.

    He was once suspended without pay for three weeks after allegedly cashing a check for damages to his police cruiser, but he was never charged for a crime in that incident.

    WFTV also found out that he's been accused of domestic violence in the past by both of his ex-wives.

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    Orlando cop accused of beating up girlfriend will try to get out of jail