• Orlando cop who had domestic violence charges dropped gets fired


    ORLANDO, Fla. - The Orlando Police Department has fired one of their officers.

    WFTV has followed the case of Danny Sidders since he was arrested on charges of domestic violence and tampering with evidence.

    According to Orlando police, Sidders was fired late Friday afternoon, only days after prosecutors dropped a domestic battery charge and an evidence tampering charge against him for lack of evidence.

    Sidders was accused of trying to hide a gun he was not supposed to have.

     He has been accused multiple times of domestic violence, by two former wives and a girlfriend.

    Sidders has a permanent injunction against him involving one of his former wives.

    Even though charges against Sidders were dropped, police said he was fired for two violations involving obedience to laws, and one violation for standards of conduct, according to police.

    Sidders was suspended with pay, taken off the streets, then put back to work watching traffic cameras until he was fired.

    In a press release the Orlando Police Department said, "The Orlando Police Department relies heavily on the support and trust of our community, and will continue to be responsible in maintaining the integrity and reputation of all Orlando Police Department employees."

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    Orlando cop who had domestic violence charges dropped gets fired