• Orlando firefighters help Carver Shores couple with Hurricane Irma home repairs


    ORLANDO, Fla. - Orlando firefighters are helping a couple repair their home from damage sustained in Hurricane Irma last year. 

    Firefighters met the couple when they were installing smoke detectors in the Carver Shores neighborhood. 

    The firefighters started work by pulling down the tarp Bob Thomas has had on his roof since Hurricane Irma. 

    He said his roof troubled him for years, but since the hurricane he’s had water pouring in every time it rains. 

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    Each weekend, he’s tried and struggled to fix the roof himself with plywood. 

    He said he’s so grateful for the help.

    "I wanted to stop it. There were times I didn't have tools and material, but I still went forth and did the best I could do,” said Thomas. 

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