• Orlando installing 5 new red light cameras


    ORLANDO, Fla. - The city of Orlando added another five red light cameras at select intersections, and Channel 9's Jorge Estevez found out drivers are the ones who paid for them.

    The new cameras were added to the following intersections:

    • Magnolia and Colonial
    • Robinson and Rosalind
    • Orange and Michigan
    • Semoran and Curry Ford
    • Semoran and Lake Underhill

    Estevez learned that money to pay for the new cameras came from those who were ticketed for running others in the city.

    "I think it is best to have the folks responsible for the problem paying to help with the solution," said Mike Rhodes of Code Enforcement.

    "I personally like them because I see a lot of people running red lights," one driver told WFTV.

    So far this year, Orlando Code Enforcement has collected $1.6 million. About half the money goes to the state, and the city gets $800,000. The new cameras will cost just a little less than that, officials said.

    The city reported 40 percent fewer T-bone crashes and 20 percent fewer rear-end crashes at intersections with cameras.

    "You become more mindful of it, and you are more careful everywhere, not just at the monitored intersections," said Rhodes.

    City officials said they work with the state to decide where to put the cameras, usually at accident-prone intersections.

    Red Light Cameras: Map of Orlando locations

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