• Orlando man claims city is preventing him from exposing red-light camera issues


    ORLANDO, Fla. - An Orlando claims the city is trying to keep him from getting information that could help expose problems with red-light cameras.

    David Shaw has asked the city for a list of everyone who received a red-light ticket in 2013, but the city now wants to take him to court.

    He wants to analyze the program used for the cameras after another man in St. Petersburg made the same request and found American Traffic Solutions, which runs Orlando's cameras, made mistakes and tickets were issued when they should not have been.

    Shaw has been vocally opposing red-light cameras for the last year.

    “It all started when I got a ticket in July. I wasn't driving my car at the time so I just kind of took up the cause,” Shaw said.

    He asked Orlando city officials for a list of all the people who received a citation in 2013.

    The St. Petersburg man who peaked Shaw’s interest picked apart the program and found a lot of tickets were issued for drivers who went through short yellow lights.

    He talked to the city council about it and the council got rid of the program.

    Orlando leaders refused to fill Shaw's request and instead are taking the issue to court.

    Channel 9’s Renee Stoll found out  the city and American Traffic Solutions claim they're uncertain the names are public record.

    There are several court rulings around the state and the country however, that said it's OK to give out names.

    A city spokesperson said they want clarification in the city's jurisdiction.

    Shaw said he sees this as a big waste of time and money to drag it through the courts.

    “I personally think it's a stall tactic and it's a tremendous waste of tax payer money that they're doing this,” he said.

    The city insists it needs its own judge's ruling, because if they violated driver's rights by releasing the information, the city could be fined $2,500 per driver.

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