• Orlando mother storms son's school, allegedly confronts bully


    ORLANDO, Fla. - An Orlando mother was hauled off to jail after police caught her trying to start a brawl at her son's school.

    Police said Delia Margarita Rivera stormed into the gym at Stonewall Jackson Middle School in Orlando on Thursday and told her son to hit another child.

    Rivera said she did it because her son has been relentlessly bullied.

    The school's physical education teacher said she stormed into his gym class and tried to get her sixth-grader to fight another boy.

    She allegedly yelled, "If you want to fight, fight him now."

    The teacher tried to calm Rivera down but could not, so he flagged the school resource officer, who arrested her.

    Rivera bonded out so Channel 9 stopped by her apartment to talk to her.

    When asked if she thought it was appropriate to egg her son on to fight, she said, "Well, actually, I didn't do nothing to the little boy."

    Rivera said her son, Eduardo, has been bullied before and the school has not done enough to help.

    "That is my son and I am always going to protect him," Rivera said.

    Orlando police said Rivera has caused problems on campus before and has been warned to call them for help.

    Parent Gino Seegert said it's no way to teach kids.

    "You cannot teach your kids that because where does it go, where does it end?" said Seegert.

    Rivera said she could have handled the situation better but said she is not ashamed of what she did.

    "I went to jail, but I was proud, because I was doing the right thing, and you know what? I am proud of it," Rivera said.

    Channel 9 contacted school officials Friday night to ask about the three times Rivera said she went to them after her son was bullied, but they have not replied.

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