• Orlando police chief talks about arrested officer


    ORLANDO, Fla. - An Orlando police officer is still in jail after being arrested for a second time this year for domestic violence.

    On Friday WFTV discovered reports that show, officer Danny Sidders had also been accused of rape, and stealing from the city.

    On Tuesday, WFTV's Kathi Belich sat down with Orlando Police Chief Paul Rooney.

    More than a dozen years before Sidders faced a judge on evidence tampering charges last week, he was investigated after being accused of stealing a $1,500 insurance check from the city, for accident repairs to his patrol car.

    Sidders was suspended for three weeks without pay. He wasn't fired, nor was he charged.

    Rooney was not police chief at that time, but Belich asked Rooney why Sidders wasn't fired, and whether Rooney would have fired him.

    "There was some confusion about whether he believed that check was issued to him during a divorce settlement," said Rooney.

    Rooney said the Sheriff's Office couldn't get past that excuse in the criminal investigation, and neither could the police department's internal affairs investigators.

    The three week suspension was for bad judgment, cashing the check when claiming not to know where it came from.

    Sidders has been arrested twice this year, accused of domestic violence. Now he's facing a felony charge, accused of hiding a gun he shouldn't have had.

    "Do you want someone like that to be representing OPD?" Belich asked Rooney.

    "What I can say to that is, everyone is entitled to due process and officer Sidders, like any other officer, is not only entitled to due process under the state statute bill of rights, but the Fraternal Order of Police contract," said Rooney.

    Sidders is facing his seventh internal affairs investigation in the last five years. Rooney said it will be done quickly.

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