• Orlando TSA officer arrested, accused of stealing tourist's computer


    ORLANDO, Fla. - An honest tourist found a bag sitting in Orlando International Airport and turned it over to a Transportation Security Administration officer. Police say instead of taking it to lost and found, the TSA officer took it home.

    Police said that early this month, a teenager from Canada left his bag outside the Harley Davidson Store at the airport. His computer and passport were in the bag.

    Police said a tourist turned it in to TSA Officer Keith McKnight. They said that McKnight took the laptop to a computer store in Pine Hills and asked to have it wiped clean. They said he used his real name when he dropped the computer off.

    The store owner said McKnight claimed he bought it at a flea market on Colonial Drive for $150. The computer is worth $2,000.

    While the teen who lost the computer was at Walt Disney World, he received an alert on his iPhone letting him know the computer had been turned back on. He was able to use the phone to track his laptop to the store.

    McKnight was interviewed at the airport. Police say he initially lied, but eventually admitted he took the computer. He was arrested and resigned from his job.

    "I've heard stories about this going on at different airports so I'm not surprised. But I'm surprised it would continue," said visitor Mike Archer.

    When Channel 9's Jeff Deal stopped by McKnight's house, McKnight refused to come to the door.

    Records show that since 2003, roughly 400 TSA officers have been fired for stealing.

    People working at the airport said McKnight had worked there for about five years.

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