• Orlando wait time for concealed weapons license longer than rest of state


    ORLANDO, Fla. - Right now, Florida officials said they’re dealing with a backlog of concealed weapons permit applications, and Channel 9’s Racquel Asa learned central Florida has the longest wait in all of the state.

    Jon Kirson’s gun shop has only been open a couple of months and already he’s trying to keep up with the interest for concealed weapons classes.

    “I think when there is any tragedy in the news, people get concerned for their security and safety and concealed weapons permits is way for them to protect themselves,” he said.

    But getting a permit takes longer in Orlando than it does the rest of Florida, officials said.  The earliest appointment to apply with the Department of Agriculture is at least four months out.

    Sending the application in the mail also takes just as long, sometimes a full 90 days, officials said.

    “People could still drive down to Tampa, and there was still a shorter wait there,” said Kirson. “I don't know where the other offices are, but I've heard of someone going down to Miami, because there was a short wait there.”

    The Orlando Gun Club has only been open for three months, and it's already taught the concealed weapons course to at least 200 people, officials said.

    During the last six months, more than 9,000 people applied for a permit in central Florida. Statewide, the number of permits was up by 24,000 in 2012 compared to 2011.

    Last month was also a record month for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. It processed more than 130,000 background checks for people interested in buying a gun.

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