• Oviedo city code changes could promote more urban development


    OVIEDO, Fla. - A change in Oviedo's city code could force future developments to look more like a big city in Seminole County.

    The mayor said the move to a more urban feel will add more character to Oviedo.

    Residents question if the changes really fit with what's already there.

    People who live in Oviedo told Eyewitness News the suburb has evolved to a mixed bag of questionable development.

    One recent example is the site of a future Dollar General being built at the entrance to a residential community.

    Resident Nick Kosmitis said the growth is not regulated.

    "Then you get certain businesses where it's, do you really want them in your neighborhood?" said Kosmitis.

    Mayor Dominic Persampiere said they would adopt what's called a form-based code, which would only change future developments and promote a more urban feel.

    If the code is changed, the look of Oviedo would go from sprawling suburban areas to a look more like Baldwin Park with less yard space, more townhomes and more mixed-use area.

    It's much like Oviedo on the Park, a development where orange groves used to grow.

    "Think a large city -- New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, areas like that. Those are all form-based code," Persampiere said.

    The code is aimed at creating more character, but some residents like Danielle Frantz worry it will change what's left of the quiet atmosphere.

    "I think it would lose a lot of charm for the city," Frantz said.

    City leaders are just starting to discuss the code change. The earliest a decision would be made is later this summer.

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    Oviedo city code changes could promote more urban development