• Oviedo High School football player says he was bullied by coaching staff member

    By: Jeff Levkulich


    OVIEDO, Fla. - Oviedo High School’s football program is under the district microscope after school officials told Channel 9 that they received a complaint regarding alleged bullying of a player by a member of the coaching staff.

    A parent, who asked not to be identified, said she complained to school officials about the bullying.  

    She said one of the coaches would often call her son names and make derogatory comments toward him. She says it got so bad he decided to quit the team. 

    Seminole County school officials said they could not comment as an investigation is ongoing. 

    The school did not identify which coach or coaches were part of their bullying probe.

    Parents said bullying is wrong whether it's done by a student or an adult.

    Channel 9 reached out to Oviedo High School’s head football coach Matt Dixon to see if he could address the bullying accusations against members of his coaching staff but he did not respond.

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