Oviedo H.S to take action against football players in alleged locker room assault

OVIEDO, Fla. — Officials at Oviedo High School said they now plan to take action against several players involved in a reported assault that took place inside the school's locker room.

The incident, which has been referred to as "shenanigans" by some, involve a freshman player who said he was the target of unwanted touching in the locker room before practice.

"He put his forearm against my back and then he took his other hand and used his hand to stick his finger up my butt," the victim said.

Oviedo police are not pressing any charges, but the victim's mother has chosen to move forward in filing charges.

Although social media posts have been positive toward the victim, not everyone has been as supportive.

One parent called Channel 9 to defend the players involved, saying they did nothing wrong.

The victim has also come across some reported harassment by his peers, according to his mother.

"Every time they see him, they say 'There is the snitch,'" said the victim's mother. "I warned him that he would likely have to deal with this, but also to stand tall and be proud that he came forward and he's the one that is going to help this come to an end at the school."

The victim's mother met with Principal Dr. Trent Daniel and an assistant principal Tuesday and told Channel 9 that she was told potential disciplinary action against the head coach could not be discussed with her.

Under the school's code of conduct, if a student is found to be hazing another student, the district has the option of recommending in-school suspension, out-of school suspension or expulsion.

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