• Palm Bay man charged following road rage incident


    PALM BAY, Fla. - A 57-year-old Palm Bay man is accused of road rage after police said he confronted a young driver and her boyfriend, who flipped him off.

    Police said the road rage incident began near the intersection of Georgia Street and Tango Avenue. Investigators said Edward Lepore exchanged words with a young driver and her boyfriend who admitted flipping Lepore off with his middle finger.

    "In the heat of that moment, he let it get the best of him," said Yvonne Martinez of the Palm Bay Police Department.

    According to police, Lepore followed the driver around several streets until the vehicle finally pulled over. That's when police said things escalated. The alleged victims made a non-emergency call to police after the confrontation was over.

    "He got out and started yelling at us. And at a point, I got back in the car and he strangled me through the window. So, I got out and pulled a knife on him. I didn't do anything to him. I just wanted him to stop," the caller said to the dispatcher.

    The caller said Lepore got in his truck and drove off, but not before the teen snapped a photo of his license plate.

    "You're talking about a 57- or 58-year-old man," said Martinez. "He should know better. He should know better. Now he's looking at serious felony charges."

    The State Attorney's Office said it's still reviewing the case to determine what charges Lepore may ultimately face.

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