Palm Bay man, daughter arrested after teens sickened by pot brownies, police say

Pot-laced brownies landed two Brevard County high school students in the hospital, and police said the brownies were sold by a 17-year-old girl and made by her father.

The two Heritage High School students got sick last week from the $10 brownies.

“We discovered it came from a Bayside High School student and the brownies were distributed at a Heritage High School game,” said Palm Bay Lt. Mike Bandish. "Obviously, the two kids who ate the brownies didn't know the full dosage and they got sick."

Robert Johnson, the father of the student accused of selling the brownies, was in court this weekend.

Police said part of Johnson’s garage was being used for a grow operation and they found more pot-laced edibles.

Investigators said they found 12 marijuana plants and several hundred grams of dried marijuana at the home.

Johnson and his 17-year-old daughter are facing felony charges.

According to police, the brownies were originally made for a graduation bash at Universal Studios.

Four other teens are also facing charges.

“It’s very serious. We don’t want to see drugs in our schools,” said Bandish.

Investigators said Johnson initially denied giving his daughter and her friend the brownies for free.