• Palm Bay woman injured in attack by dogs


    PALM BAY, Fla. - A Brevard County woman is recovering after being attacked by three dogs.

    A neighbor saw the woman walking down Hainlin Street in Palm Bay, when the dogs started circling her and then attacking her.

    Daniel Madden said it was barking that let him know something was wrong down the street from his home.

    "I noticed my neighbor lady trying to get into her driveway with three pit bulls surrounding her," said Madden.

    He said a short time later he saw the dogs lunge at her and grab onto her neck arms, and legs.

    "The big one came up behind her and grabbed onto her, pulled her down to the ground and the other two jumped right on her and started mauling her," said Madden.

    Madden said he pulled her from the dogs' grips and grabbed a shovel to keep them at bay.

    Madden said he called police, and eventually animal control officers came out to seize the dogs.

    The dogs' owner wasn't happy that the dogs were taken away.   

    "What you doing taking my dogs?" the owner asked as that dogs were removed.

    Madden said the dogs have been a problem and he is glad to see them go.
    "I have numerous calls into animal control because of all the kids on the street, and I told them a pack of dogs running like that, it's inevitable," said Madden.

    Police said the victim, who hasn't been identified, was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

    It isn't known if the woman did anything to provoke the dogs.

    Animal control will determine if the dogs will be euthanized, and if the owners will face any charges.

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