Parents concerned over sinkhole outside Lake County elementary school

LAKE COUNTY, Fla. — A sinkhole is causing problems for families at an elementary school in Lake County.

A sinkhole opened up recently at Pine Ridge Elementary School in Clermont, and crews were working to fill it in.

The hole isn't impacting classes, but it forced the student drop-off and pick-up location to be moved.

Parents told Channel 9 it was a mess, and some were frustrated by the inconvenience, but were glad their children were kept safe.

A message from parents said in part, "Early indications suggested the hole in the pavement was a washout created by erosion. Now, we have an official report that confirms it's actually a sinkhole."

Officials said the sinkhole is about 10 feet by 16 feet, but even larger in some areas underground.

School officials said they are following the engineer's recommendations for repairs, and once that's complete, they will repave the parking lot.

Officials said crews have used about 280 cubic yards of grout to fill the sinkhole in.

Lake County school leaders said they are waiting on an answer from engineers about whether the sinkhole is growing.

Some parents and grandparents said they are concerned.

"Personally, yeah I do. Apparently, the engineers don't, but I think it's kind of odd. You see sinkholes in neighborhoods and they shut the whole neighborhood down, and here's a school and they haven't done anything," said grandparent Robin Spradlin.

School officials said they will keep parents informed of any changes.