• Parents hope Lake Nona growth does not affect new relief school


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Eagle Creek Elementary School in Lake Nona was built as a relief school and the last thing parents expect to see on the first day is a row of portables behind the school.

    But school board member Daryl Flynn said the portables do not represent poor planning and the school could not have been built any bigger.

    "You don't want to build a school for 1,000 because we don't think that's conducive to a good educational environment," Flynn said.

    Oscar Luciano's children will attend Eagle Creek after their old school, Moss Park Elementary, was rezoned.

    "I've been here a few years now and it's been growing so fast," said Luciano.

    The growth is reflected at the area's newest relief school, which Channel 9 found out will already be over capacity on the first day of school, with at least 874 students expected to walk through the doors.  

    Flynn said a relief school for Eagle Creek is in the planning stages. It could open by 2017, just west of Lake Nona Middle School.

    "Eventually that zone will stabilize. The numbers coming in will stabilize and enrollment will go down," said Flynn.

    Until then, Luciano said he hopes for the best.

    "My hope is that they don't lower their standards, that they keep doing their best.  I believe every kid can be good in any environment but the school has to provide that environment," Luciano said.

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