• Parents sue Seminole School District after son dismissed from competitive math class


    SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. - A Seminole County family's fight to get their child into a different high school math class went all the way to a judge on Wednesday.

    The Hefleys said their 15-year-old son, Jonathan, should be allowed back in a competitive class at Seminole High School even though he was struggling through it.

    Jonathan's lawyer parents, William and Aimee Hefley, are representing their son.  They claim Jonathan is highly gifted in math and that he's not being challenged now in the slower class. They argued he's missing out on the more advanced education he deserves and is entitled to.

    "He's missing out on the education he would get if he were with the other kids who are obviously so highly gifted and talented," Aimee Hefley told the judge.

    The Hefleys showed the judge a photo of their son, who they said has a math IQ of 145. A score of 130 or above is considered to be very superior, officials say.

    The Hefleys argue the accelerated algebra class Jonathan is currently in is too slow for him and they want him back in the faster-competition class.  The family, however, said the class is taught a little too fast, so they want teacher Trung Vong to slow down for their son.

    "Slow the class down for 90 percent of the other students that, by the way, are getting As, to make this work for Jonathan Hefley?" asked Serita Beamon, the school district's attorney.

    The Hefleys blamed their son's D grade in Vong's class on a pop quiz.

    "Jonathan didn't do well on the pop quiz. He didn't. It was a surprise to him," said Aimee Hefley.

    After court, the Hefleys refused to speak with Channel 9's Kathi Belich, saying, "We just have no response at this time."

    "They want their son back in that class and then they want the court to tell (Vang) how to teach. We're here because we object to that," said Ned Julian, another attorney for the school district.

    The judge did not make a ruling at Wednesday's hearing.

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