Parents, teachers weigh in on arming teachers in Volusia County

VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. — Parents, teachers and community leaders confronted Volusia County School Board members Tuesday night with their plea and hopes for action as the district considers arming teachers with guns in schools.

“It scared me that you are going to consider arming teacher,” said one parent who spoke at the podium.

Since the mass shooting in Parkland nearly two weeks ago, it's a topic that has school districts across the state looking for solutions.

"How do you protect the student? You get them out of the line of fire. You do not think about picking up a gun and shooting it," said a teacher. "You think about getting those kids under a desk, in a closet, whatever you can do to protect them."
Board members did not respond to the comments, but heard from people who stand on both sides of the issue.

“The best deterrent to mass shootings, I believe, is to have armed guards,” said a parent. “I don't care if they are police. I don't care if they are guards, teachers, clergy or citizens.”

Last week, Volusia County school leaders surveyed about 4,000 teachers and staff on the issue. Out of the nearly 1,300 responses, 40 percent were in favor of armed teachers in classrooms, 51 percent were opposed to the idea and 9 percent were undecided.

There was no vote at the meeting.

Karen Parks

Karen Parks, WFTV.com

Karen Parks is a reporter at WFTV.