Parents unhappy after Lake County schools mandate school issued laptops

Video: Some Lake Minneola parents are not happy because the laptops they purchased for school are being phased out

LAKE COUNTY, Fla. — While students in Lake County were previously allowed to use their own smart devices on campus, they will no longer have that option.

The school district now has a new system, only permitting smart devices issued by the schools.

Parents at the county's first technology school, Lake Minneola, are not happy with the new direction.

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"Parents have purchased laptops that were supposed to work, based on the directive of the administration at the school."

School officials said they are in the process of rolling out Chromebooks to schools around the district.

The plan is for students and teachers to all be on the same page with the same device.

"Let's use one platform, keep all of our focus on the same device in the classroom," said Bill Mathias of the Lake County School Board. "If you're the teacher and you're now familiar with the Chromebook, you don't have to be familiar with 5 different laptops if a kid needs help."

Officials said they looked into integrating the laptops parents already purchased, but it was too expensive.

School leaders said the system allows teachers to get a real-time look at students' progress and to gauge if they need assistance.

The new plan will cost parents just over $30 for the year and that they will provide assistance if a parent cannot afford it.