Parents upset by racial slur read out loud in school book at Marion County H.S.

MARION COUNTY, Fla. — Parents told Eyewitness News they’re upset about a book their children have to read in English class that contains a racial slur.

“It was something I was shocked to hear,” parent Tanya Walker said.

The book, “The Land,” has the N-word and the teacher reads it out loud in class at Forest High School, parents said.

The book follows an African-American man during the late 1800s.

"That word is a horrible word in our vocabulary and it’s something that we don't use on a regular basis," said Kevin Christian, with the Marion County School District.

Christian said the teacher is able to teach and read the book out loud as long as it’s inside the educational confines of a classroom.

"To say we're not going to use this book because it upsets you and it doesn't upset me or vice versa, I’m not sure that's a valid argument; to take a piece of highly respected and award-winning piece of American historical literature out of the classroom and never expose students to that,” Christian said.