• Peace Buy Piece, Oviedo teacher buys violent video games from students


    OVIEDO, Fla. - A Jackson Heights Middle School teacher in Oviedo said she wants the kids to realize what their video games do to them and to their perceptions about violence, so she's purchasing violent games from them.

    Jackie Chism teaches a video production class and said some parents aren't sure what to think of her teaching ways.

    "Their parents have mixed reactions," said Chism. "Some of them don't understand why I'm doing it."

    Chism said as she watched the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting unfold on television, she realized her students didn't react much to the tragedy.  Chism said she partly blames violent games and movies for what she considers a desensitized classroom. 

    Some of the games were so violent and include scenes like execution-style killings that WFTV is choosing not to show them on-air.

    "Our movies have gotten more violent. Our television has gotten more and more violent, and we're just so used to it," said Chism.

     So Chism took $500 she planned to spend on a trip and made a deal with her students. They'd give her their violent games and movies and she'd give them cash. Chism said she wants them to pay more attention to how the media impacts them.

    Through Chism's program, which she calls, "Peace Buy Piece," she's bought back more than 200 games and DVDs. She said she destroys the games after she buys them.

    Chism said she knows some could go back on their pledge and keep playing but she said it's a process.

    "You don't have to make huge changes right away. It's baby steps," she said.

    Chism said within the next few weeks the program should be licensed so she can accept donations and keep buying back games.

    She told Channel 9 she did run out of money at one point, but the students decided to give up their violent games for free.

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