Police: 2 students arrested after posting threat, drafting plan for school shooting

TITUSVILLE, Fla. — A newly released arrest report details how two 13-year-olds allegedly drafted an intricate plan to carry out a mass shooting at their Brevard County school.

Police said the teenagers had a map outlining where they planned to open fire within the halls of Andrew Jackson Middle School.

According to police, it was numbered one through six, with their last stop being the library because "they didn't want to leave any witnesses."


Police said the two students left notes in the boys' bathroom on Feb. 21, saying they were going to shoot up the school. They said a student saw the message and told police.

Officers said the students did not have direct access to any weapons at the time of their arrests, nor did they have any guns at their homes. But, police said, the students knew where to get guns when they were ready.

"Threatening a school is a felony offense," said Assistant Superintendent Matt Reed. "The juvenile system will take care of that. It's an expellable offense."

Reed could not comment on the current status of the two students tahen into custody, but said that administrators followed protocol after finding out about the threats.

Teachers at the school said they knew something wasn’t right during the lockdown on Feb. 21 when it lasted through two lunch periods.

"I was trying to hear what I could hear from outside. Three students were very calm. They were a little concerned. I do know that in some of the other classes, some students were a bit upset," said Marcy Cipolletti, a media specialist at the school.

Police arrested the students at a house about a mile from the school and charged them with making "written threats to kill."

According to police, the students wanted to get back at all the kids who bullied and made fun of them.

Both suspects have since been staying at a behvioral health facility.

During their interviews, one reportedly told an officer he knew where he could get a gun if he truly wanted to, while the older suspect denied wanting to carry it out.

The suspects are scheduled for a hearing in juvenile court later in March.

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