• Police: 70-year-old woman says she scammed former MLB player out of thousands because he 'owed' her

    By: Len Kiese


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - A woman accused of scamming a now blind former Major League Baseball player out of nearly $20,000 said she did it because he never paid for gas or tolls, according to police.

    In a newly released interview between 70-year-old Donna Santella and police, Santella seemingly points the finger at former New York Mets player William Denehy as the reason for her alleged actions.

    "He never paid me for gas, he never paid me for tolls," Santella told police. "I mean, he would take me to lunch occasionally."

    Denehy reported Santella to officials in March after trusting the woman as his caregiver. Santella is accused of swiping his card and withdrawing cash from ATMs.

    "He's going to go on his 'I am blind, she abused me' kind of thing," Santella told police during a phone call before her arrest. "Or, 'She took advantage of me.' I know that."

    Santella never denied to officials that she used Denehy's money for her own use.

    When an investigator asked Santella if she was going to pay Denehy back, she responded, "I am going to pay him back, I'm not going to try to. I need to do this for me."

    Santella is scheduled back in court in September. She has pleaded not guilty to both felony charges against her. 

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