• Police: Car thief dropped small children off along Orlando street


    ORLANDO, Fla. - Police said a car thief apparently dropped two young children off on an Orlando street after finding them in the vehicle.

    Neighbors describe what happened across the street as a mother's worst nightmare.

    "In the dark, without their mom -- she was probably worried sick," said Harry Galt.

    Two small siblings, a 1-year-old and a 3-year-old, were dropped off at the 2600 block of Gulfstream Road Sunday night.

    "Thank God nothing happened to those kids," said Galt.

    Orlando police said the children were inadvertently kidnapped from a Ramada Inn three blocks away, near Interstate 4 and John Young Parkway.

    Police say the children's mother left them in her car while she went inside the hotel. Moments later someone drove off with her car and her children.

    "Because you live in this world, you don't leave your kids in the car," one area resident said.

    It is a neighborhood that has seen an increase in crime.

    Residents were relieved to hear the children were not hurt.

    It's unclear how long they were alone before police officers noticed them on the cold and dark sidewalk.

    "The kids could have died out here. It's so cold out here, anything could have happened," said a resident.

    Several homes on the block have security cameras. Neighbors are checking to see if any of their cameras caught video of the black stolen car, in an effort to help police find the whoever took it.

    "I hope they find that guy. Those poor kids," said Galt.

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    Police: Car thief dropped small children off along Orlando street