• Winter Garden police bust suspected mobile meth lab


    WINTER GARDEN, Fla. - Winter Garden police said they discovered a mobile meth lab after they pulled a car over on Second at East Bay streets shortly after noon Monday.

    Two men in the car were arrested, police said.

    Officers in protective suits worked to remove dangerous chemicals from the car, parked in the middle of a neighborhood.

    Police said the chemicals could have started a fire or even exploded.

    "That wasn't a meth lab," said Robert Burnette, one of the men arrested.

    "It wasn't a meth lab? What was it?" WFTV reporter Nancy Alvarez asked Burnette as he sat handcuffed in the back of a police car.

    "I'm not sure," said Burnette.

    Police said they're sure the food processor, the drain cleaner and the rest of the chemicals had one purpose: to make meth.

    According to police, the discovery was made during a routine traffic stop after a patrol officer noticed the car at a nearby apartment.

    "The patrol officer drove by, ran the tag and realized it wasn't supposed to be on that vehicle. As he turned around the vehicle pulled away," said Keith Ralston of the Winter Garden Police Department.

    When the officer discovered the chemicals, he called in special units.

    The incident happened down the street from a house full of children.

    "It's horrible they do that stuff around kids and carry it around in a car and kill anybody," said area resident Heather Murphy.

    Both of the men arrested said they had no idea what they were driving around with.

    "The stuff in that car could have blown up at any moment," Alvarez said to Shawn Treadway, one of the men arrested.

    "I'm done talking. I don't have a clue," said Treadway.

    "Do you realize that?" Alvarez asked.

    "I realize it now that I seen it," said Treadway.

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