• Police: Favorite hat made it easy to find credit card thief


    WINTER GARDEN, Fla. - Police said a Winter Garden man's favorite hat helped connect him to several crimes. Investigators said they caught the man on video using stolen credit cards in several stores, and he wore that hat time after time.

    Buying an extra-large stuffed animal for a gift might seem like a nice gesture, if it wasn't being bought with a stolen credit card.

    "I was curious as to what he would have bought. If he still has those those I'd like them. We have a little girl due," said theft victim Matt Adams.

    WFTV's Renee Stoll showed Adams surveillance video of exactly who was using his stolen credit cards, and what he was buying.

    "Man, look at him. He's so casual about it, too," said Adams as he watched the video.

    Adams' car, along with three others in his neighborhood, was broken into.

    "Her credit cards, IDs, Social Security card, everything like that was taken from it," said Adams referring to items that belonged to his wife.

    Winter Garden police believe Christopher Fossati was behind at least two of the crimes, if not all of.

    them. They said he was easy to pick out because of his style habits.

    "Yup, that's him, he always wore that hat," said Karen Holbert.

    Holbert, who said she was a victim of Fossati, said her daughter dated Fossati.

    According to reports, Fossati is facing 14 charges of using stolen IDs and credit cards.

    Police said video from a Publix shows Fossati is using a stolen card to buy cigarettes, wearing the same hat.

    "I'm so glad that he's in jail," said Holbert.

    And Holbert responded when she saw the video of Fossati buying a stuffed animal, allegedly with a stolen credit card.

    "That's the dog he got my daughter. That's the one he got my daughter," said Holbert.

    Fossati is being held in the Orange County Jail.

    Police said they are still looking for another man who may be involved.

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    Police: Favorite hat made it easy to find credit card thief