• Police find counterfeit bills during drug raid at South Daytona home


    VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. - A Volusia County tattoo artist is accused of using his creativity abilities to make counterfeit cash.

    South Daytona police stumbled upon the alleged operation during a drug investigation at the suspect's home on Robin Hood Trail.

    Investigators said James Hill printed the fake money from his South Daytona home and used his artistic ability as a tattoo artist to draw the watermarks.

    “It’s a little scary for us to have with such young kids doing that," said Hill’s neighbor, Dan Murray.

    Volusia County's East Side Narcotics Task Force raided Hill's house on a drug warrant Monday morning and found five fake $50 bills and one fake $20 bill in his closet.

    "If that's what happened hopefully they won't be here much longer,” Murray said.

    Hill told detectives he was working on an airbrushing project for his friend and he was going to adhere the fake cash on the back of his friend's car, but police said they never found any equipment for that in the house.

    Hill’s roommate, Joe Carter, witnessed the raid and said he’s a customer of Hill’s freelance tattoo work.

    Channel 9’s Tim Barber asked Carter what Hill was doing with the fake cash.

    “It was only fronts. How can it I be fake cash if it’s only fronts, you know? The backs are nothing,” Carter said.

    Police said Hill tried to put a security strip and watermarks to the bills.

    Carter said Hill wanted the money on the back of the car to look as detailed as possible.

    Police said they are going to compare the bills found at Hill’s home to those from other counterfeit cases.

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    Police find counterfeit bills during drug raid at South Daytona home