• Police: Ex-fiance named prime suspect in missing mom case; refused to take polygraph


    ORLANDO, Fla.,None - Missing mother Michelle Parker's ex-fiance Dale Smith has been name as the primary suspect in her disappearance, Orlando Chief Paul Rooney confirmed during a news conference on Monday.

    Parker went missing on Nov. 17 after she appeared on a taped episode of "The People's Court" with Smith. A few hours later, Parker dropped off her twins at Smith's condo.  Parker's SUV was found the day after she went missing.

    Orlando police said Smith refused to take a polygraph test.

    The missing mom's family pleaded with Smith during the news conference, to do the right thing and tell what he knows so they can bring Parker home.

    "If you could have avoided this Dale, if you had cooperated with the police and took a polygraph test when they asked you, you could have avoided a lot of stress. So unfortunately, you brought this on yourself. We're not going to stop until we find out who did this," said Parker's mother, Yvonne Stewart.

    Police said Smith  is the only suspect at this point.

    "In my heart, I know she's out there somewhere and we need her. We need to find her. We still need searchers, we still need fliers. This is a sad day really, but I think it was inevitable," said Stewart.

    Over the weekend, SWAT teams raided the home of Smith’s father. The home is just two miles from the search command center on Oak Ridge Road, where Parker's cell phone stopped transmitting.

    Parker's brother told WFTV that detectives did not find what they were looking for during the raid.

    Investigators said they had a search warrant.

    Police urge anyone with information about Parker's whereabouts to call 1-800-423-8477.

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