• Police investigate man with alligator in videos

    By: Myrt Price


    LAKE COUNTY, Fla. - Investigators with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission are trying to figure out if a Lake County man could be breaking the law after he posted videos of a gator and himself on Facebook.

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    It’s unclear if Jordan Bedford, known as alligator man, has permission to own the reptile.

    "I don't have an alligator. I found it and played with it,” Bedford told Channel 9’s Myrt Price.

    Bedford said all his online videos are just a joke.

    "I seen it while I was fishing one day and it was wrapped up, so I played with it,” Bedford said.

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    Investigators with the Tavares Police Department found Bedford’s videos and pictures on his Facebook page and passed the information onto FWC.

    Certain rules and permits must be followed for someone to own a gator.

    A spokesperson for FWC said an investigation is ongoing.  

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    Watch interview with "alligator man" below:

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