Armed man, 39, shot and killed by Palm Bay officer

BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. — The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is investigating after a Palm Bay police officer shot and killed a man.

Police say a man inside the home was threatening to shoot three people doing construction at a nearby home on Mariposa Drive.

When police arrived, they say the 39-year-old man refused to come out of the home and a standoff began.

A neighbor told Eyewitness News the man was upset that the construction crew was working and making noise.

Shortly after 11:30 a.m., the man came out of the home, carrying a firearm.

An officer fired one shot and killed the man. The officer, Cpl. Jason McCoy is a 10-year veteran with the Palm Bay Police Department.

“It’s horrible. It’s certainly preventable, but when somebody comes outside or points a gun at our officers, they have to respond accordingly,” said Police Chief Mark Renkens.

Police said the man has a criminal history.

His girlfriend, who asked not to be identified, told Channel 9 the man is a former law enforcement officer and used to be in the military.

“I was robbed of any chance at making this situation better than what it was,” she said.

She said he suffered from paranoia, schizophrenia and post-traumatic stress disorder.

The suspect's name will continue to be withheld until family has been notified, police said.