• Police: Kissimmee red light cameras have caught hundreds of violators


    KISSIMMEE, Fla. - Police said the new red light cameras at an intersection in Kissimmee are catching one violator every hour.

    The cameras at East Broadway Avenue and Neptune Road were activated at the beginning of March.

    Officials said 325 tickets have already been issued to red light runners, and 133 are still waiting for approval.

    Drivers have mixed feelings about the cameras.

    "If it deters somebody from a wreck or somebody, running a red light or something like that, I think it's a good thing," Tina Ayers said.

    "No deterrent, just unconstitutional," Wayne Thrift said.

    City Commissioner Jerry Gemskie pushed hard for the cameras for 8 years.

    Gemskie told WFTV he's happy with the results so far.

    "In a nutshell I'll say it this way, if they save a life they've served their purpose," Gemskie said. "People are aware we are ticketing them for going through a red light. That's how it should be."

    Violators are currently being fined $158. Police said they have already collected nearly $72,000.

    But officers said that money is spread out to various organizations and agencies.

    Commissioner Gemskie told WFTV the city only gets $33 from every ticket.

    Officials said at least 5 more intersections along John Young Parkway will get red light cameras within the next few months, and then 4 more sets of cameras could be installed within the next year.

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    Police: Kissimmee red light cameras have caught hundreds of violators