• Police: Man who bit, tried to shoot cop arrested


    ORLANDO, Fla. - A man who police said tried to shoot, bite and wrestle with officers who pulled him over for a taillight violation is in jail Friday.

    Sgt. Jim Young with the Orlando Police Department said when officers got to the car of Akil Horsford, they said they smelled marijuana and the suspect kept trying to reach into his console.

    They also said he wouldn't comply with their commands.

    Officers said they were finally able to get him out of the car, but once outside they say he began fighting with them and then ran off.

    Officers caught up and used a stun gun on him multiple times, but that didn't stop him, police said.

    Police said during the struggle Horsford took out a gun, pointed it at one of the officers and pulled the trigger but the gun jammed.

    As the officer tried to get his gun, police said Horsford bit him on the arm so hard, the officer couldn't even reach for his own gun to protect his own life.

    Eventually police were able to wrestle him into cuffs.

    "This case is clear. Had the suspect's gun not malfunctioned, we would probably be discussing an in-the-line-of-duty death," said Young.

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    Police: Man who bit, tried to shoot cop arrested