• Police: Naked man shot officer with Taser, tried to gouge eye out during well-being check


    ORLANDO, Fla. - A man who made suicidal threats and threatened law enforcement officers on Facebook was arrested, but he would not go quietly, according to the Orlando Police Department.

    Police said when officers went to Joshua Hilt’s apartment to do a well-being check, he was outside, and became angry when he was told why they were there.

    Hilt began yelling at the officers and screaming for the neighbors to come out of their apartments, police said.

    The officers said they told Hilt they needed to have a conversation with him, and if he needed to go to a doctor, they would take him.

    According to an arrest report, Hilt jumped back, began yelling and asked how they were going to determine if he was crazy and how the officer was going to "read his mind and get in his head."

    The report said Hilt then took off his clothes and screamed once again for the neighbors to come out.

    Police said Hilt then became violent when they tried to place him under arrest. Police said at one point, Hilt tried to stick his thumb in the officer’s eye in order to gouge it out. The officer defended himself by punching Hilt in the face and told him to stop resisting.

    During the fight, Hilt punched the officer several times in the face, police said.

    Police said that also during the fight, Hilt was able to grab the other officer’s Taser and shocked the officer he was fighting.

    At that point, the uninjured officer pepper sprayed Hilt in the face, but it had no effect, a report stated.

    The report also said that the officer then took out his baton and struck Hilt in the legs and arms.

    Police said the injured officer held him down, but Hilt continued to fight, pulling on the baton and trying to rip off the radio attached to the officer.

    Police said three other officers then arrived at the scene and the five of them were able to hold him down and arrest him.

    Hilt was charged with indecent exposure and exposure of sexual organs for taking off his clothes in front of his neighbors, three counts of depriving means of communication, five counts of aggravated battery on an officer, two counts of resisting an officer with violence and three counts of resisting an officer without violence.

    Hilt’s neighbors said they were concerned about his mental status and potential violence, and they were glad he was arrested, a report stated.

    Hilt is in jail without bail, and police said he also meets the Baker Act criteria.

    Authorities said they requested Hilt be evaluated by psychiatric services.

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