Police: Man shot, killed by officers after refusing to drop weapon

A man was fatally shot by officers Wednesday during a confrontation with police in downtown Orlando, investigators said.
The incident began at a Wahlburgers restaurant on Orange Avenue, police said.
Channel 9 reporter Ty Russell spoke with an employee of Wahlburgers, who said an armed man showed up looking for an ex-girlfriend.
"He showed the weapon and then he turned and left. So we're not sure about the encounter inside the restaurant. That will come out as the investigation continues over the next few days," said Orlando Police Deputy Chief Eric Smith.
After showing the employee a gun, Qawi Muhammed ran out of the restaurant as employees called 911 and followed him, police said.
Police said Officer Troy Achey and Detective Shane Overfield ordered Muhammed several times to drop the weapon, and officers said they were forced to open fire because the gunman refused to obey their commands.
They said Muhammed did fire his weapon before he was shot. 
“He ignored verbal commands, and the officers were forced to discharge their issued service weapons,” Smith said. 
Muhammed was shot and taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center where he died.
Police said Muhammed had a domestic violence injunction filed against him. 
The officers were not injured. They were placed on administrative leave, as per standard procedure. 
The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is investigating.
Counselors were available for Wahlburgers staff.
The restaurant reopened Thursday morning.
According to FDLE, Muhammed has been in trouble with the law since 1985.
Records show he was arrested more than a dozen times on charged of robbery with a fire arm, grand theft, kidnapping and sexual assault. 
In 2010, he had to register as a sex offender, records show. 
He had three arrests for failing to register. 
Watch below: Wahlburgers spokesperson discusses shooting incident: