Police: Oviedo mayor threatens to kill neighbors who threatened to call police on his daughter

OVIEDO, Fla. — Oviedo Mayor Dominic Persampiere threatened to kill his neighbors Monday evening after they told his 26-year-old daughter that they would call the police on her, an Oviedo Police Department incident report said.

Police said they were called shortly before 8:45 p.m. to a subdivision near Alafaya Trail and East Chapman Road after Christopher Bain, 48, and Jennifer Bain, 46, said Persampiere, 55, threatened to shoot them.

Jennifer Bain said Krysta Persampiere was walking near her home and appeared to be taking photographs, so she asked her to stop and Krysta Persampiere left, the report said.


The report said Jennifer Bain thought Krysta Persampiere was taking photographs of her newly installed shed to report a homeowners association violation.

Krysta Persampiere said she was searching for her missing cat when she saw Christopher Bain and Jennifer Bain sitting in rocking chairs on their porch, the report said.

The report said Krysta Persampiere said Christopher Bain shouted that he was going to call the police on her because she was taking photographs, but she told him she was searching for her cat.

Krysta Persampiere said she returned home and informed her father about the incident, the report said.

Police said they obtained cellphone video that showed Dominic Persampiere standing across the street, shouting at the Bains.

"You ever talk to my kid like that again, and I'll get my gun and go over there, and I'll (expletive) kill you," he said. "Take my picture. Here I am. Record this. She lost her damn cat. Go ahead. Put it on Facebook. You're both (expletive) (expletive)."

Police said Dominic Persampiere admitted to shouting at his neighbors because he was angry about their ongoing harassment of his daughter and his wife, who is the HOA's president.

Investigators said the Bains said they have ongoing animosity toward the Persampieres because of previous HOA issues, leading them to believe Krysta Persampiere was not searching for her cat and had ulterior motives.

Dominic Persampiere told Channel 9's Jeff Levkulich on Tuesday that the incident upset his daughter.

"My daughter came home terribly upset, crying," he said. "At that point, that's when I'm not the mayor. That's when I'm a father and a husband."

Dominic Persampiere said the video does not tell the whole story of what happened.

"Things get said," he said. "I'm not going to make any apologies for being mad. No. Could my words have been chosen better? Of course."

The Bains were not available to speak with Channel 9, but they told investigators they believe the mayor has received special treatment.

Police said Dominic Persampiere's actions do not constitute him being charged with aggravated assault because he did not possess a firearm at the time and because the threat was conditional, based on further harassment of his daughter.

Investigators said they expect to complete their investigation Tuesday evening.

Dominic Persampiere said the missing cat was found and had a microchip implanted in it Tuesday.

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