• Police: Worker at OIA parking garage skimmed credit cards, stole information


    ORLANDO, Fla. - A toll booth worker for ABM Parking Services, a contracted company at Orlando International Airport that oversees parking, was arrested after investigators said she used a skimmer to steal credit card information from customers.

    According to authorities, Elizabeth Linkel used that information to manufacture her own fraudulent credit cards and caused havoc to more than 100 credit card accounts.

    “I think it’s pretty despicable and I mean, obviously, the person is in a position of trust,” OIA customer Paul Martin said.

    After police made the connection, they said they watched Linkel swipe card after card through the skimmer on surveillance video captured from inside the toll booth.

    While they were investigating, they said Linkel’s partner in crime, John Valera, tried to use the fraudulent cards at a Walmart and Wawas, while Linkel acted as a lookout.

    Police said Valera was seen in store surveillance videos buying high-priced items with the credit cards.

    With no prior criminal history, and 24 years in the community, the judge reduced Linkel’s bond Friday.

    Some people said it’s a crime that could impact anyone and they want to see her behind bars.

    “You’d expect to see that at a very seedy, like disorganized, shady place,” said OIA customer Annie Kemps.

    The company said she’s been removed from the job.

    Linkel is being held in jail in lieu of a $900 bond.

    WFTV spoke to a woman who said she was a victim of the crime.

    “She swiped it. She took a few minutes, gave it back, so I know it was in her hands at the time,” Kim Berry said.

    After Berry returned from a trip in March, she noticed 19 fraudulent charges on her account.

    The card was used at businesses all around OIA.

    “It seemed logical that it had to be someone at the airport who did it,” she said. “It’s despicable. It’s bad they would take advantage of other people.”

    WFTV was told there could be many more victims.

    If there are, the suspects could face additional charges.


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    Police: Worker at OIA parking garage skimmed credit cards, stole information