• Police presence beefed up at Oviedo H.S. following rumors of threat


    OVIEDO, Fla. - A spokesperson for Oviedo High School told WFTV that they have investigated a potential threat of violence at the school with the help of Oviedo police.

    According to the school, the investigation began last week  when a student reported that another student claimed he would "shoot up the school."

    From there rumors flew about the severity of the situation.

    "I was very alarmed. I wanted to know what was going on," said parent Christine Wright.

    Wright said she learned of the threat electronically through a text from a friend.

    And then on Tuesday morning parents noticed extra officers on campus and found

    gated areas closed and locked when they're normally left open.

    Word spread quickly, which made the school's response seem a little late to some parents.

    "I mean, I can see not alerting everyone because they don't want pandemonium at the school and people freaking out, but we should be aware," said Wright.

    A school official told WFTV that the threat was never confirmed, but security was beefed up anyway -- mostly for peace of mind for the students, who chatted online about the perceived danger.

    The student accused of making the threat was voluntarily removed from the school by his parent, officials said.           

    School officials say they could not give more details on the case because of student confidentiality.

    Oviedo police have not said whether they intend to pursue charges.

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    Police presence beefed up at Oviedo H.S. following rumors of threat