• Police: Repeat Ormond Beach burglar caught


    ORMOND BEACH, Fla. - Investigators said a man responsible for at least five burglaries in Ormond Beach was caught Thursday.

    Daniel Valez quietly lurked in neighborhoods and behind homes looking for targets, police said.

    Police say Valez was caught on home surveillance video last week.

    At a home on Saint Andrews Drive where the owner was inside, he realized there were security cameras and did not break in, police said.

    "The homeowner was home and inside watching television while he was in back trying the doors. From the time stamps on the video, we've determined that he spent 20, 30 minutes on this person's patio," said Officer Keith Feder  with the Ormond Beach Police Department.

    Police said that by the pool in the back, Valez realized there was a camera, then put his hand over his face, but the cameras had already captured clear pictures of him. Police believe he is responsible for close to a half-dozen burglaries.

    Feder said a search at Valez' home recovered property taken in several burglaries in Ormond Beach.

    Police found dozens of pieces of jewelry, along with coins, electronics and other valuables. There may have been much more stolen that Valez's alleged victims may never see, authorities said.

    "In reality, a lot of times, victims never see their property again because it's disposed of in a manner that's not traceable," Feder said.

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    Police: Repeat Ormond Beach burglar caught